Faye Rodriguez


Faye Rodriguez is the chef/owner of Faye’s Desserts, a home-based indie bakery that launched in 2018.

Faye’s love of baking began in early childhood and reignited when she became an empty nester in North County with more time to pursue passion projects. She began her baking business by providing small businesses in Oceanside with classic baked goods, gaining a loyal following along the way.


In 2018, Faye made her Friendly Feast debut at the Chef-Driven Bake Sale at Herb & Wood, where she showcased two tasty cupcakes influenced by her late mother’s Filipino-American cooking. The turon and champorado-inspired treats were among the first items to sell out, earning her the “Most Tempting” award and some sweet coverage in San Diego Magazine.

Since then, Faye has participated in a dozen Friendly Feast events, making her the most featured chef in Friendly Feast history! Faye’s unique approach to baking includes creating multidimensional mashups of classic baked goods with an unexpected twist, such as roasted strawberry sweet rolls, black sesame and raspberry brownie cheesecake bars, fudgy dark chocolate brownies with cookie butter blondie swirl, and German chocolate cheesecake cake.


Photos by Madison Daube @madpics

Faye currently sells her baked goods at pop-up events and by special order. Popular items include her “Fayemous” salted chocolate chip cookies, cheesecake, and brownies. Reach out to Faye on Instagram (@fayesdesserts) to place an order or for more info.