Pie vs. Cake pits two teams of three chefs against each other for a friendly competition to determine pastry supremacy!

Attendees will receive an individual portion of pie and cake from each participating chef (three pie, three cake, six total) and a ballot to cast their vote to determine the best team and the best item from each team. Tickets also include a craft beer from Kairoa Brewing Company.

Expect delicious creations like savory mini pies, persimmon ricotta pie, black velvet cake, crepe cake and more!

Event proceeds from this community fundraising event benefit Friendly Feast and Kitchens For Good.

Join the jury and help us answer one of life’s ultimate questions: What’s better, PIE or CAKE? Limited quantities of tickets are available. Pre-purchase recommended. Click here to purchase your ticket on Eventbrite!

members of team pie at Pie vs. Cake

Team Pie:

Rocio Fleckenstein (Executive Chef, Kairoa Brewing Company); Ashley Papa (Pastry Chef, Pop Pie Co.); Jocelyn Cano (Executive Chef, El Jardin Cantina)
members of team cake at Pie vs. Cake

Team Cake:

Matt Gordon (VP of Operations, Blue Bridge Hospitality); Ana Davis (Executive Pastry Chef, Pendry San Diego); Victoria Sorrisio Scully (Executive Pastry Chef, International Smoke Del Mar)

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